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I Collect “Puppies”

My name is Lizzy and I am in my thirties. I studied history of Art and I work in a Gallery in Vienna. I have been a collector all my

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‘Mummy Doll’

My family calls me ‘Mummy Doll’ and I absolutely adore it. I am a ‘Mother’ when it comes to raising my children but a ‘Mummy Doll’ in my free time.

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Kafka and the Traveling Doll

A very old doll, from my vintage collection, reminded me of this story… When he was 40, a year before he died, novelist FRANZ KAFKA (1883–1924), who never married and

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The Forgotten Doll

The forgotten doll’s story  My name is Amira. The name was given to me by Estrea, a little Jewish girl who was living in Thessaloniki with her family. She was a very

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Do you have an amazing toy story?

Do you have any stories passed down to you from family or friends? Do you love writing amazing fantasy stories that are about toys? We would love to share them in our toy story section! Just sent them over and we will share it for everyone to read!

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