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Did you know that if you are a vintage collector you are 10 times cooler as a person?! - Read below! Knowledge is key! - Fun Facts are always cool to know for a conversation! -

Did you know that… Edward Hass III invented PEZ Candy in Vienna,in 1927 as an alternative to smoking.

Did you know that… Barbie was the best-selling toys of the entire 1990s? Over one billion of the blonde dolls have been sold since they were first introduced back in 1959.

Did you know that… The most expensive pokemon card ever sold was a Charizard-Holo 4 (1st edition) for $5.275 Million!

Did you know that… Collectors are looking for mint condition toys, with mint condition boxes?

Did you know that… According to Lego, six eight-stud Lego bricks can be combined into, 015,103,765 different configurations!

Did you know that… BARBIE has an actual full name: Barbara Millicent Roberts?

Did you know that… In 1952 Mr.Potato Head became the first toy to ever be advertised in tv?

Did you know that… In 1999 it was reported that the NSA had allegedly banned Furbies from its headquarters in Maryland, over fears that they would hear top-secret conversations and then repeat them.

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