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“Each toys is unique! Their stories travel through time! Our goal is not only be a shop but to also be able to make the love of vintage toys accessible to everyone! Our love and passion for this hobby is what pushes us forward to give you the best quality of service!”

Our founders

It’s all a big journey! - Our love for vintage toys, is the preservation of history! - Our brand is born from a child's dream!



A small business with a large story!

“The war forced us to abandon our houses. The island was divided.  

No clothes, no money, no place to stay.  

Myself, my dear wife and our two children. We found refuge in the British Bases, the place where my job was.  

Apart from clothes, second hand old toys were generously donated by non- refugees. It was the first time I saw my children feeling so attached to toys.  

A year later we moved to the city.  

My son took with him the well-played, almost destroyed old toys.  

One day I visited some old toy shops in the city centre. They were all telling me the same phrase. “People nowadays need food and clothes, not toys. We don’t import new toys.” 

We became friends and every month I spent a small amount of money for some old forgotten toys that were lying at the deep end of the shops.  

My friends were happy, my son and daughter delighted! 

The abandonment of our home made us all respectful and nostalgic for all those little old treasures nobody cared about. As a family we appreciated and loved every single tin toy, even the broken ones!  

Without knowing it we became collectors.  

My children went abroad to study and my wife, and I was still thrilled to visit the remote villages on the island searching for old toys.  

We lost count of how many toys we had.

Xenophon Sergiou

The story continues!

A kids dreams becoming reality!

I have my grandpa’s name, I look like my grandpa, I have the same passion as my grandpa, I ‘inherited’ my grandpa’s toys on the condition to make people as happy as he was all those years. He guides me, he supervises my company, he tells me in detail the story behind each toy. I have a great burden on my shoulders but also a treasure in my house.  


Our toys are not Forgotten, are not Neglected and they will Never Die. 


I do sincerely hope that in your home they will find a place to warm your hearts, and the hearts of your loved ones.  


Buy them only if you are willing to respect them and look after them!  Thats all I ask! 🙂

Xenios (Xenophon) Polydorou 


Check out our process!


The collection!

Each toy and collectible is carefully curated from local and international vintage stores, thrift shops and resellers. We are always in the look out for unique pieces, in perfect condition and low in price, offering you the best price.


The maintenance and restoration!

We carefully examine each piece, trying to maintain it in its original form. If needed, the toys are repaired and restored by our experts before delivery.


Packaging and delivery

We want you to have only the best service from us. Toys are uniquely handled and packaged carefully.

With Sustainability
in mind!

Our philosophy is green oriented.

We are trying to respect and protect our planet. The forgotten toys focuses on researching, locating and resourcing toys that are in conditions that can be reused.

We are trying to prevent toys from being thrown away, using a sustainable process with packaging and reducing plastic. Our delivery process is dedicated to the most ecological way.

Recyclable Packaging

We aim to use fully recyclable packaging by removing all plastic and using paper that is easy to recycle.

Thrifting and sourcing

We are thrifting and sourcing high quality vintage toys and collectibles from all over the world in order to re-purpose these and not end up in land-fields!

Have you received on of our packages?

Learn about our
grading system!

From our personal experience we examine and ensure the authenticity and condition of each Toy and collectible.

Our grading levels:

Just like new, the best of the best, in original package, preferably sealed. If on a blister card, the package is intact and unopened. New toys in boxes that remain factory-sealed boxes can command higher prices. Has everything included that came in the packaging. 

Just like new, in original package, preferably sealed. If on a blister card, the package is intact and unopened. These items are in almost perfect condition with only minor imperfections that are hardly noticeable. 

Has some very slight flaws and signs of wear, and compared to other examples of the item, it looks almost new. May or may not include original packaging, etc. 

Has some slight flaws, but overall, and when compared to other examples of this item, it may have slightly more wear and flaws.

A toy that has been played with and shows general wear overall. Paint chipping is readily apparent, light overspray, light color fading, missing components. In metal toys, some minor rust may be evident. In sets, some minor pieces may be missing.   

A toy with evidence of heavy play wear, major dents, chips, and possibly moderate rust. The toy may have heavy overspray, color fading, missing a major replaceable component, such as doors, or may be in need of repair. 

Items that receive this grade are in bad condition and often have very little value attached to them [unless they are very rare].   

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Frequently asked


Not yet. For now The forgotten Toys Project is mainly a virtual space, but who knows what the future holds.

There is a flat shipping cost of 10€ for worldwide shipping as well as a 10€ shipping cost for Cyprus. In addition, all orders above 150€ come with free shipping.

We have valued our collection based on current market performance. Our prices are based on a number of factors, including recent sales by online retailers, prices realized in recent vintage toy auctions, value estimates in published identification and price guides, the rarity of the item, and its condition.

We only charge taxes on products that are being shipped domestically (within Cyprus). We do not charge taxes on international shipments – the buyer assumes responsibility for any taxes, duties and/or brokerage charges that may be incurred upon entry into the destination country.

We aim to pack and ship your items within 4 business days of your purchase, and will send you tracking information as soon as a shipping label is created. If you have checked the status of your parcel and something is amiss, please email us and we will work it out together.

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