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‘Mummy Doll’

My family calls me ‘Mummy Doll’ and I absolutely adore it.

I am a ‘Mother’ when it comes to raising my children but a ‘Mummy Doll’ in my free time.

I have never in my life thrown away any toy, even those that are in pieces.

On the contrary I have collected all my children’s toys into boxes and are all stored away with
labels and little stories related to each toy.

My children are now in their twenties and they both know that their childhood toys and
memories are well kept!

Besides that, I have my own collection.

When I was a child my mum was obsessed with cleanness. She never allowed me to play in the
living room or the kitchen. My room was extremely small so was my toy box.

When I got married and had children, with the support of my husband, I became the happiest
mummy in the world.

I started my own collection while I was pregnant with my first child.

Every month I used to buy a little baby doll to celebrate the nine months of pregnancy.

The same happened with my second pregnancy.

In the meantime I celebrated every happy event in my life with a toy doll!

My dolls are not just collectible items. They are all memories of happy family moments.

Every doll is part of me. I am the “Mummy Doll” and I am proud of it.

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