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I Collect “Puppies”

My name is Lizzy and I am in my thirties.

I studied history of Art and I work in a Gallery in Vienna.

I have been a collector all my life. I never remember myself sitting in an empty room.

I used to collect everything until a puppy found its way at my door step one cold evening.

It was in 2015 when my focus as a collector stuck into the magical eyes of the puppy which
decided to find refuge in my life and change it completely.

At the beginning I started taking photos of Maus! Then I bought a few toys for him and then I
started collecting everything related to dogs. Magnets for the fridge, plates, posters, books, toys,
all sorts of toys, old and new.

How do I feel? Wonderful!

Why do I collect? Because it give me joy, makes me smile, gives colour into my life and into my
personal space. It is part of my personality.

I consider every little item as a piece of Art which will never loose its value. On the contrary as
time goes by, these items become more valuable.

My friends admire my collection and every month when they visit me for cheese and wine we
have interesting discussions about the philosophy of collecting, the value of such an expensive
hobby and the future of “obsessions” like mine.

Currently I am learning how to use my camera in order to take “professional” photos as well as
video editing, as I plan to introduce my own YouTube channel.

As for my beloved dog Maus, well, he is my real inspiration and the most valuable member of
my family. He adores all his “brothers” and “sisters” who keep him company while I am at work!

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