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Collecting Toys is a Nostalgia which brings nothing but Sadness.

I am a 65 years old man from Germany and I am a collector.

What I am trying to achieve by collecting toys?
I guess a time machine to take me back to those special Christmas Days when my Parents and Grandparents were cooking, singing, drinking Glühwein and wrapping presents for us the kids.

A magic genie to make me a 10 year old boy and take me back to those times when life was simple, my loved ones were alive and everything seemed carefree and happy!

The budget was limited, the toys were only but few, shopping days were restricted to birthdays and Christmas but life was sweet and feelings were real.

Recently I spent a fortune to buy a train which resembled the one my Grandma bought for me a few months before she died.

It is still wrapped in the colorful paper the lady in the antique shop carefully packed for me.
My wife asked me if I will ever open it and display it in my collector’s room.

I said “No”.

As days go by I am thinking of selling my collection.

On the other hand, I know, that if I get rid of it I will “die”.

I guess it is probably wiser to live with the Sadness of Nostalgia than letting your heart Die.

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